About Me

Kim Schaefer

While SLP R&R isn’t meant to focus on my personal background or interests, I get you might wanna know more about the person behind the curtain, so here’s a little bit about yours truly:

I’ve gained experience across the entire healthcare continuum in 7 different settings (and multiple states) for almost 10 years. From everything in acute/neuro-rehabilitation to home health and skilled nursing, I’ve been there! Finally, since I am NOT a tech-person, there have definitely been many learning curves when it comes to SLP R&R and I always greatly appreciate your patience!😅🙏

Outside of my SLP life, the beach is my serenity, I’m a die-hard pizza lover, and love travelling and cuddling with my pup!😊

Yes, I do bring research
to the beach😎🤓
⬆️ ’nuff said
My fur-baby🥰

Hi there!

First of all, I want to thank each and every individual who visits SLP R&R, because from the bottom of my heart it truly means the world.💗

Before starting this blog, I simply wanted to try to write my thoughts down when reading research. Eventually, I started to wonder if I had questions when reading an article was confused, or found something interesting, maybe another clinician might too?

So I started jotting down my thoughts, questions, and concerns when reading research articles while also adding in some of my own fun personality (like my love for GIFs😅) for fun ways to help add life back into these tedious, sometimes torturous-to-read texts. I figured, Why does research have to be so boring?!

So here we are, years later, and LOTS learned!

While I’ve always had somewhat of an interest in reading research from my (first and only) Research Methods course, years into working as a medical-based clinician has only grown this into a fiery passion. It’s led me to frantically turn to research to answer all of my #newbie questions during my less-than-ideal first clinical fellowship, and even now akmost a decade post post-graduation. Just like many of you, I’m constantly trying to better myself as a clinician first for my patients, while having an inherent yearning for learning (a never-ending process).

During this process of realizing this passion, I’ve also become more fascinated in the very symbiotic relationship between clinic and research because we both really do rely on each other☯️!

Can I say I do everything perfectly 100% of the time as a clinician?


Am I a PhD or have extensive background in the research realm?

I wish!😩 (maybe one day?!)

But the more I read, the more questions I continue to have, the more I learn and am able to share with others, and the more SLPs and myself have felt empowered to advocate for patients and their families, facility changes (via policy or mere idealogy), and professional respect.

I can pledge to share my honest thoughts as I continue to chronicle my journey as a busy clinician working in the medical field trying to make reading, understanding, and anlayzing research a bit easier and fun for busy clinicians.💜

I hope you’ll join me on this journey so we can all learn together.🥰