Interview with a Researcher

Interview with a Researcher – Cara Donohue, PhD, CCC-SLP

Dr. Cara Donohue brings an interesting personal perspective when it comes to dysphagia (it involves a wired jaw!). And if you thought winning Dysphagia Research Society’s Steven Leder Award, chairing the Student Advisory Council, and starting a @PittCSD Podcast weren’t enough, Dr. Donohue continues to carve out relevant research in our field and offers her insights here for clinicians!👩‍🔬🤓

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Interview with a Researcher – Katlyn McGrateen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

If you asked me anything about swallowing and infants: 😳😬🤷‍♀️. Luckily, Dr. McGrateen fills in all those gaps from her research and shares mores ideas along the way here!

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Interview with a Researcher – Gabi Constantinescu, PhD, R.SLP, S-LP(C)

If you’ve been hearing more about the wearable “Under-the-chin sensor” mobile device designed to help patients complete swallow exercises accurately in real-time but haven’t heard of one of its original creators, then make sure to read this insightful interview by the one and only Dr. Constantinescu!!🤩

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Interview with a Researcher – Samantha Shune, PhD, CCC-SLP

In case you missed Dr. Samantha Shune’s recent webinar for National Foundation for Swallowing Disorders focusing on the eating experience, she’s sharing some more research wisdom to make sure we all remember to keep our patient/caregivers’ experiences at the forefront in our field!😉

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Interview with a Researcher – Martin Brodsky, PhD, ScM, CCC-SLP

What better way to celebrate the big BHSM month than a big interview with the one and only, Dr. Brodsky🤩! In case you haven’t seen or heard his name anywhere in our field before (which would be hard!), here is an exclusive interview that shares great examples that are easily relatable to clinicians! And if you are already familiar with his work over the decades, you’ll also get a better sense of just how passionate, determined, and approachable he is for our field!

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