Interview with a Researcher

Interview with a Researcher – Miriam van Mersbergen, PhD, CCC-SLP

To mark the final post in the series, Dr. van Mersbergen not only shares the REAL reason researchers do what they do, but also gives a better idea of the best ways for us clinicians to incorporate the evidence into OUR worlds too! Enjoy and be sure to come back to previous interviews anytime!🥰🤓

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Interview with a Researcher – Lauren Tabor-Gray, PhD, CCC-SLP

Get ready to hold your hats as Dr. Tabor-Gray shares a boat load of insights into her research on cough function in ALS (check out a recent article in Short ‘n Sweet!), the symbiotic relationship between researchers+clinicians, and what we as consumers of research need to be aware of!🤓

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Interview with a Researcher – Nadine P. Connor, PhD, CCC-SLP

If you’re interested in what a past Dysphagia Research Society president (among MANY other roles) has to share about research and ways to bridge this gap, then stop what you’re doing and check out this outstanding interview with Dr. Nadine Connor to celebrate BHSM!!🤩

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Interview with a Researcher – Emma Charters, PhD, BSc

If you thought Dr. Charters was gonna slow down after recently getting awarded her PhD, think again! Here, she gives some honest and genuine tips, tricks, and info to help us all be better to #bridgethegap between research and clinic!🤝❤️

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