Short ‘n Sweet – Perceived wet vocal quality (at bedside)

Trying to identify if a voice sounds wet and why can be anything but a short task! Even after all these years, I still find myself having to push these naive thoughts aside from time to time in order to make way for more critical and higher-level thinking and reasoning, versus just relying on a sole factor😉. While there's been a lot learned along the way from those first few "first-days", when it comes to that wet-gurgly, "underwater" sound that we might often find ourselves unconsciously listening to from across the dining room or even a restaurant, I gotta know more!!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Frazier Free Water Protocol (FFWP)

It's been a quencher for most places already this summer☀️🥵, so why not learn more about all the benefits (and cons) to drinking more *clear* water for our patients💧🧊😎?!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Compensatory Strategies

Why do we do what we do?🤔 Why does the sun set in the west? Or the sky look blue? So many philosophical questions that might have pretty complicated and lengthy answers🤷‍♀️. Luckily, the questions that surround the use of compensatory strategies can be answered a lot quicker with this relevant article by an SLP Great🤩, in a Short 'n Sweet way!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Presbyphagia

The results are in! Presbyphagia is the 🎉winner🎉 for the FIRST Short 'n Sweet Review Series--where *YOU* decide what topic to get a quick review on (versus a singular in-depth dive). This topic has become important to me and I know others, so I wasn't too entirely surprised it took the first cake (although I've been dying to read more about biofeedback too!!🤓). And, instead of 1 article, I figured let's really start this off with a 💥bang💥 and include 2 great articles I've got! Since this is supposed to be a quick 'n dirty...I mean short 'n sweet review, let's jump right in!!