Short ‘n Sweet – D.I.G.E.S.T.

Not only is the acronym name 🤩PERFECT🤩, but the whole purpose and background behind the Dynamic Imaging Grade of Swallowing Toxicity make it truly a work that pushes our field further while continuing closer collaboration with other respected professions (which is always needed in any setting, treatment plan, and patient care). I'm not gonna lie, I've been wanting to learn more about this ever since I saw Dr. Hutcheson present on it at Dysphagia Research Society a few years ago, so I couldn't wait to dive in! Get ready to digest delicious info on this functional-outcome rating measure that YOU voted on and savor all the possibilities!🤤

Short ‘n Sweet – Perceived wet vocal quality (at bedside)

Trying to identify if a voice sounds wet and why can be anything but a short task! Even after all these years, I still find myself having to push these naive thoughts aside from time to time in order to make way for more critical and higher-level thinking and reasoning, versus just relying on a sole factor😉. While there's been a lot learned along the way from those first few "first-days", when it comes to that wet-gurgly, "underwater" sound that we might often find ourselves unconsciously listening to from across the dining room or even a restaurant, I gotta know more!!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Frazier Free Water Protocol (FFWP)

It's been a quencher for most places already this summer☀️🥵, so why not learn more about all the benefits (and cons) to drinking more *clear* water for our patients💧🧊😎?!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Compensatory Strategies

Why do we do what we do?🤔 Why does the sun set in the west? Or the sky look blue? So many philosophical questions that might have pretty complicated and lengthy answers🤷‍♀️. Luckily, the questions that surround the use of compensatory strategies can be answered a lot quicker with this relevant article by an SLP Great🤩, in a Short 'n Sweet way!

Short ‘n Sweet Review – Presbyphagia

The results are in! Presbyphagia is the 🎉winner🎉 for the FIRST Short 'n Sweet Review Series--where *YOU* decide what topic to get a quick review on (versus a singular in-depth dive). This topic has become important to me and I know others, so I wasn't too entirely surprised it took the first cake (although I've been dying to read more about biofeedback too!!🤓). And, instead of 1 article, I figured let's really start this off with a 💥bang💥 and include 2 great articles I've got! Since this is supposed to be a quick 'n dirty...I mean short 'n sweet review, let's jump right in!!