Do you dare to D.O.S.S.? A way of measuring dysphagia severity on fluoro

This review will give you all the truth behind the DOSS if you dare to add it to your dysphagia repertoire! The original article is not only an easy-to-read but also easy-to-implement call to action. And because everyone’s toolbox might look a little different where you’re at, it can be worth knowing what might be beneficial to add or dig back out in yours!🤓

Taking Dysphagia Rehabilitation Wherever Its Map Leads Us…

There’s no doubt the vast majority of us wish we had a better map when it comes to the island of dysphagia (at some point we didn’t even have a map!). From so many different ways to assess, examine, test, compare, and treat the swallowing mechanis, , it’s no wonder why we all feel so lost most of the time!😩

This forward thinking team bravely try to make connections between what we might see on fluoro, what we might need to do to fix it, and what we just don’t know yet and the lack of evidence for some parts.

If you’re feeling brave to discover these results in this adventure, let’s dive in!🤠

Do ya gotta keep your bed up? Reviewing the right positioning for reflux management

With the holiday season upon us quicker than an NPO patient downing 3 oz of water, what better topic to think about than gastroesophageal reflux?!

While some make the case it might not necessarily be directly within our wheelhouse, it’s definitely a topic that’s frequently discussed and encountered enough by our patients, peers, and professional colleagues to make it relevant.
So what do we need to know? Well to be frank, lots🥴. But since we can’t diagnose nor prescribe, this specific article took a stab at investigating other common recommendations and strategies to help manage reflux symptoms in much simpler ways and that we’ve already been doing!
Who knows, you might even find yourself holding your head a bit higher after reading!😄

Do we agree to disagree? The different sides of SLPs, Radiologists, and VFSS

“Could we just…” “I’d like to….”
“No.” “We don’t do that here.” “We can’t do that.”
Do you ever get spooked having this short back-and-forth in your setting?😱 While it can be related to many things, one common conversation is often heard between an SLP and Radiologist.
If we’re ever gonna get along, we need to know just what it is we disagree (or agree) with!🤥 This article is just a start in helping both sides see the other’s point of view and find some surprisingly common ground in order to provide the best services to our patients.

It’s getting intense! Part 3 – A novel approach for intensive swallow therapy in healthy, dysphagic adults

Hopefully you guys have a little energy left after all these intense revelations to learn about the last and final intensive swallowing protocol of the series. While not as well known as the Pelaton approach, this protocol out of New York University is still in the preliminary stages but I’m sure we can expect bigger and better results to come for exercise-based interventions in dysphagia🤩

It’s getting intense! Part 1 – Intensive Dysphagia Rehabilitation (IDR)

Sometimes when people describe things as “intense,” one of two emotions emerge for me:

Either intriguing curiosity if I am capable of being a triumphant Rocky🤔, or scared out of my mind that the intensity will be too much to handle and all my efforts won’t be enough (never again P90X😫)

However, if there is something I am capable of completing that also ensures pretty good results because of its tested and true foundation, then I’d probably be cutting my way to the front of the line to sign up. The authors share their innovative approach with methods that’ll surely make even your saliva sweat!😄

So buckle up, because it’s about to get INTENSE up in here!!😎

Phew!😓 Intensifying Approaches for Dysphagia Management

Summer’s officially here and it’s time to heat things up! This 3-part series looks at recent works related to intensive dysphagia rehabilitation approaches. This post will give a general overview of not 1…not 2… but all 3 applications, with the additional parts to follow that dive deeper into the literature of each in order to push the intensity throttle to the max!🌡
Get ready to break a (mind) sweat😅 as we start the warm-up…

A Clinician’s Reflection on Research and Learning

Sharing every review, interview, and resource that has been added here has been a way to lay out what my journey has been like thus far. So I figured this Better-Speech-Hearing Month would be a great time to reflect and share lessons I’ve learned along the way to help those who are either beginning their journey or courageously continuing on.🥰

A Preview of Possibilities for EMST & Drooling from Parkinson’s

As a kid, we start to form our creative and curious imaginations when we begin to use a common object (e.g. toy hammer) as a completely different and novel function from its intended purpose (e.g. using a hammer as a cane). Thinking along these lines of creativity, the authors did just this for an innovative study that questions if a very well known exercise program/device that’s confirmed to improve various swallowing safety deficits can also be used to subsequently improve a different impairment for a very needed population. Get ready to get your imagination thinking caps on for this one folks, because from clinicians who work closely with this population to those who aren’t as familiar, I’m sure everyone’s mind will be bursting with the possibilities by the end!🤯