Hi guys!

This has truly been a journey for me even in these beginning stages, and especially given that I am the least-techy person  (at one point I’ve been dubbed to have a “touch of death” for technology 😮 ), but I am just SO excited to see what happens next!

A quick bit about myself… I’m a medical speech-language pathologist with 5 years experience in a variety of settings including hospitals (inpatient/outpatient, acute, ICU), SNFs, neuro-rehabilitation for brain injury/stroke, and most recently some home health. I’m passionate about LOTS of things in the SLP world (love me some trachs!), especially collaboration, learning, and sharing my knowledge thus far with others. There’ve been plenty of ups and downs, but I will be a forever-learner through the good and bad.

Ever since my Research Methods course in grad school I’ve been intrigued with research (which was NOT something I would have ever planned). I have to say I think it’s awesome how evidence can be used to guide our day to day practice, and how research really relies on usclinicians–to test, give input, and really drive the direction of research. I’ve always felt it truly is a relationship (and what relationship is perfect, right?).

However, I’m also painfully aware of all the barriers in actively maintaining this relationship, because I’ve been there. I understand that they may not always be ‘excuses,’ they can be logistic, honest, and REAL reasons why it can be hard for practicing clinicians to be “up-to-date” on research, much less go off searching and understanding what they need to do their job to its fullest. We are professionals, but we also have lives outside of our job that includes different responsibilities, obligations, and time constraints.

Luckily for me, my ideal day consists of relaxing at the beach reading research articles. Yes, I know how weird that may sound (there’d be some music and a nap in there too 😉 ). By no means could I try to be a PhD researcher with the countless hours of experience that go into that route (who knows, maybe one day?). But, the more I do read, the more questions I continue to have, the more I learn, and the more myself and others have felt empowered to advocate for patients and their families, facility changes (via policy or mere idealogy), and professional respect. So I’m hoping to mesh my passion and your interest to make one cool collaboration.  


And so here we are. With my passion to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians, and an idea in one hand + this blog in the other, I’m hoping to make it easier for busy clinicians to get the evidence they need, to do what they need for patients, and to learn something along the way as we push our profession forward.

learning van gogh


(In addition to all that fun professional stuff above—the beach is literally my serenity, I love travelling for new experiences, being around puppies, and am a DIE-HARD pizza lover 😀  ) 






Quick disclaimer: In case it wasn’t clear before, I cannot claim to be an expert in research, and all post content are my own interpretations based on my own knowledge and experience. I do have professional/expert opinions that sometimes include PhD researchers in the field for general input that I do consult (more scheduled input from these professionals will be in the works at some point!).

Also, I always encourage feedback and questions from anyone (this only helps me and others learn!), as long as these are in a respectful and professional manner. Since this site’s goal is towards professional learning and growth, negative/cruel/disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and deleted without notice.